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Old Photography Restoration service: 
If you want to restore an old or damaged photo or need to retouch it in any way, now you can do it, safely, cheaply and quickly.
Send us a scan and we will give you a no-obligation quote in less than 24 hours for the digital restoration. Repair of photos with stains, cracks, folds, scratches, discoloration, image recovery, coloring and all kinds of photographic retouching jobs.
We have been working with photograph retouching programs for more than 20 years, so our skill reduces the execution time, and therefore, the budget. We 
carry out the restoration of old photographs using the latest technologies. We are professional photographers and graduates in Fine Arts , with extensive experience and a large volume of work done in historical photography, both for 
individuals and institutions.
And that's it, you can enjoy your most appreciated photos, print them, frame 
and share those family memories of loved ones or ancestors with great quality.
We can increase the size, isolate an image from the background, recover or 
redraw missing parts.
If you have several images we can make you a very cheap price, so that you 
can create your album with images that you thought were irretrievable.
Tips: When you scan your photos, remember to do it at a resolution of 300 pp 
or higher, so we can work with higher quality.

There are no tricks, restoring a photo takes hours of work applying experience and technology, but with the sensitivity that each image is from an era and 
represents something unrepeatable.
The texture, the grain, the contrast, are elements that must be “cloned” and 
many times redrawn, working on the details but constantly looking away to 
achieve a natural integration of everything.
The filters of programs like Photoshop, can help to improve an image, but, in 
most cases, they only manage to distort it even more. So, the real secret to 
recovering the definition of an image is to have done many and be sure of the 
stroke, since many times, there are totally lost areas that must be “invented”, 
and other times, it is necessary to rebuild zooming in, almost pixel by pixel.
Our customers often write to us to thank the treatment their “treasures” have 
followed and ask us for advice on types of paper to print.

What are the advantages of digital restoration?
It has several, but the following stand out:
The original is not endangered, since you are working with a digital image of it.
The digital format of the image guarantees, in principle, its durability over time, since it is free from the inevitable chemical deterioration of conventional 
In short, it is the safest means with the most possibilities to restore an image to its original appearance.

How can I send you a photo and request a quote?
You must send us a photo, even if it is taken with the phone of the photo to be 
restored to be able to assess the damage it has and budget for its restoration. You can send it to our email address — contact page
Requesting a quote does not commit you to anything.
The shipment can be the original by Post or any courier to our address in 
Khulna — Bangladesh and we take care of its digitization and restoration.
They can also send the scanned photo at a resolution of 600 dpi in JPG or Tiff 
format to our email address and we will take care of editing or restoring it.
If the entire process is carried out electronically, payment must be made in 

Does your services offer any guarantee?
Test images are submitted for customer approval on all jobs.

What payment methods do you accept?
All restoration, coloring or retouching work must be paid for prior to delivery. 
Once the budget has been accepted and the proof copy that has been sent to 
you by e-mail has been approved, you can pay in the following ways:
PayPal and 2checkout
How long does it take to deliver a commissioned job?
Depending on the difficulty, it typically takes 24 hours after the quote has been accepted (this does not include the times when we are waiting for your approval or response to an inquiry).

How will I receive the photograph?
Once the job is finished, you will be sent by e-mail the address of a web page 
where you can download the finished and prepared image to obtain high 
resolution printed copies.
If you wish to receive the printed copies, we will send them to your address.

Can you restore or retouch any photo?
I generally reject assignments where:
The supplied image is too small (insufficient scanning resolution).
The image is already very deteriorated.
The expectations of the client according to their instructions exceed the real 
possibilities of the image.

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