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※We will send you a quote so you can purchase it. 
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Please send us the following items when you contact us for consultation to facilitate the transaction.

(1) The purpose for which the essay will be used (e.g., college entrance exams, employment exams, promotion exams, etc.)
(2) Questionnaire (Please be as detailed as possible. If you have one, please send us a piece of paper with the question written on it.
(3)Number of words
(4)(In the case of a report) Screenshot of the syllabus
(5) (In the case of report) All handouts
(6) Expected delivery date
(7) How did you hear about this service?

Past cases

Famous National and Public Recommendations-Late Examination
Entrance Examination for Famous Private Universities
Scholarship application essays
College Report
Entry Examination Essay
Essays for mid-career testing (especially with a lot of experience)
Promotional exam essays
Internal reports and presentations
Free research reports for junior and senior high school students
Report on a difficult private university
Corona related essays (promotion, hiring, mid-career hiring, college reports, columns)
Programming Challenges
data analysis
Sample solutions to textbook exercises
Many experiences such as


Often there is a lack of sample answers to essay assignments for university entrance exams and employment exams, and it can be difficult to know what to do with the text. Our service will help you to write your reports and essays by creating sample answers to such questions.

If you need specialized knowledge, we can help you in the following areas 

Elementary Statistics
Data Science
Information Science
I'm good at writing media articles (I'm good at hard writing such as discussions and studies).


In many cases, we cannot accept reports on specialized university subjects other than those listed above. However, in many cases, we can write reports on general education subjects. Please feel free to contact us by DM.

This service is not a substitute for writing reports or essays. It is a service to help you write better sentences by using sample answers. We do not recommend reusing answer sheets.

Research and additional charges for short delivery times are "reference prices". They vary depending on the difficulty and volume of the text. Please be sure to inquire about options and do not make your own decision.