🖤 Seriously, The New Japanese Project Begins!?


🖤 Seriously, The New Japanese Project Begins!?

■ In this bustling place!
The number of foreigners is increasing.
Every day, from early morning to late at night, I meet people from foreign lands.

For oneself,
For Japan,

Thank you very much!

■ By the way! "People of Japan!"
Do you know this?

Birth Rate
Africa = 4.91
Japan = 1.34

◾ By 2050,
The African population will reach approximately 2.4 billion,
One-fourth of the world's population,
→ One in four people will be African.

Median "Average Age" of the Population
India = 27.9 years
Japan = 48.7 years

■ "India," which recently surpassed China in population (1,425,775,850 people as of April 2023), has a large young population!

♠️ Is the world witnessing the opposite of Japan's "aging population"?

--- This is a future prediction that we must now accept. ---

■ Here,
"Japan Appeal" -
Fortunately, Japan is an "island nation" and rarely faces foreign invasions!

Japanese people are kind. "Trash pick-up," "Osaka obachan" (elderly ladies of Osaka)...

The Japanese language is refined and can express even delicate emotions!
t has its complexities, but it's a wonderful language. Haikus, tanka, and more...

Japanese culture is fascinating. Rakugo, manzai, anime, sumo...
Even those who come to Japan can appreciate this sensibility.

Surely, they will love it, won't they???
With rich emotions, comes a rich life,

Isn't that right?

■ And so,
Japan also strives to eliminate "food waste" and ensure a safe environment,

Utilizing land, buildings, and people to their fullest,
Hoping that The New Japanese will love Japan and settle here for a long time...

Our goal is self-sufficiency within our country,
"Complete self-sufficiency."

If possible,
Let's make Japanese,

A language that can express nuances,

The world's official language! \(^o^)/

■ Quiet, slightly clever, and a little challenging "Japanese rules" should also be embraced.

■ Demonstrations rarely occur.
Modesty and a great culture!

Good public safety, tolerance, kindness to others,
Welcome to The New Japan!

... This is a problem that needs to be seriously considered at the national level in the near future. ..."

🖤 Seriously, The New Japanese Project Begins!?"